Hi, I’m Rob and this is my Cowboys Blog.
This is a place share thoughts, opinions and stories about our favorite team the Dallas Cowboys.
Before going further, I will not insult you by saying I am the “greatest” “biggest” or “most dedicated” Cowboys fan.”  Although, I know I am a great, big, dedicated Cowboys fan, too young to be the oldest and too old to be the youngest.  Here is my story about how I became a fan
My Story
I am a simple guy.  I love my wife, I love my kids, I love a bunch of other stuff that may or may not be cool or fun or even interesting to most people.  I live a pretty non-exciting life in a pretty exciting city: New York City.  I commute to work; I commute home, play with my kids, etcetera, etcetera.  On the weekends, I watch my son’s baseball games, take my daughter to gymnastics.  In other words, I do the things many of us adults do as we age and start a family.  However, the one thing that has always been consistent in my life, the thing that has never wavered: my undying love for the Dallas Cowboys.  Some may say it is a little weird or unseemly for a grown man to have an obsession with a collection of people he doesn’t know, in a league he doesn’t have a financial stake.  But that is just the way it is (period)
I was born in St Paul Minnesota a few months after the Cowboys won their first Super Bowl – Super Bowl VI.  This delighted my dad.  He had been a fan since the team’s inception in 1960.  My dad was the driving force of me being a Cowboys fan.  Being from New Orleans in the ’60s, the Cowboys were the closest team in the region.  By the time the Saints were introduced to the league,  it wasn’t going to change his allegiance.  One of my first memories was asking my dad in Super Bowl X, “What happens if all the players get hurt?” He wasn’t too happy about the question.. or the outcome of the game.  But, it’s funny recalling the earliest thoughts of your life and my dad watching the Cowboys in the Super Bowl is one of them.  At this time, we lived in California and while I remember the Forty-Niners, vaguely, the team that was on my bedspread, clothes and mind was the team I loved: the Cowboys.
When I was seven, we moved to Japan.  My dad was in the Air Force and that is the life of an Air Force Brat.  On my Air Force base, we didn’t get all the football games, but we got Monday Night Football – the next day due to that tricky time zone thing.  I would look forward to the highlights with Howard Cosell “We go to Irving Texas, Texas Stadium the site of the Dallas Cowboys versus the [blank].”  On the radio, I listened to Tony Dorsett run 99 yards against the Vikings.  I would read the sports page of the Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper looking for rushing stats for my favorite player Tony Dorsett.  It was in Japan that my dad got me autographs of Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Danny White from a “friend of a friend”, who knew someone in the organization.  While other kids had the teams they liked, the players they liked, I rolled with the Cowboys.
We moved to Denver.  As luck would have it, the first day at our new house, I was walking down the street with snow from a blizzard still on the ground.  A kid comes up to me and asks “what’s my name?”  I tell him Robbie, he says “Me too.”  He asks if I like Football, I tell him “yes.” He asks, “Who is my favorite team” I tell him The Dallas Cowboys, he says “Me too.”  Robb and I are still friends.   Back in the day, he was Danny White; I was Tony Hill.  We would run pass patterns in the street, moving over for oncoming cars; deciding if we would use college rules – one foot in, or pro rules – two feet in while we played.  Unfortunately, this was the time it started going downhill for the Cowboys.  I remember starting 6-2 losing Danny White against the Giants and losing seven out of the next eight games to finish 7-9.  This would be the first losing season I had ever experienced with the team.  But, as us long-time fan know, it got worse.  I thought we hit rock bottom going 3-13.  I thought that Tom Landry would oversee the rebound the team would eventually see.  But, we didn’t see that rebound, hell we didn’t see Tom Landry.  But, what we got in its place was really bad.  Some yahoo named Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson his sycophantic, hatchet man from the lamest college program around: Miami, took over the team.  I remember Jimmy saying we would win more games in the first half of the season than the old regime won all year and pointed to our 3-1 preseason record to support the argument.  The year was 1989.  It was in my senior year of High School.  We went 1-15.  I had a friend that was a Steelers fan.  I remember the Steelers going 0-2 losing 51-0 and 41-10 in the first two games.  Both teams were both 0-2, but it was my chance to laugh at his misfortunes as both teams had a rough start.  Long story short: Glass houses.  Pittsburgh made the playoffs that year.  The only redeeming point of that nightmare of a season was beating Washington on Sunday night and keeping them from the playoffs.
But, we got better.  Jimmy got better.  Jerry got better.  Aikman rebounded.  Irvin came back.  Emmitt was drafted.  Norton was discovered.  Turner was hired.  We upset Washington.  Castilas got juked.  Haley was traded for.  Woodson comes aboard.  Buffalo gets rolled.  Cowboys are Champs.  Roper gets released.  Richards gets released.  Jimmy’s are Brass.  Buffalo gets rolled (again).  Cowboys are Champs (again).  Jimmy gets fired and/or Jimmy quits.  Barry hollers for some reason.    Barry makes bad decisions.  Deion PI’s Irvin.  Dallas is denied a three-peat.  Barry makes more bad decisions.  Woodson crushes Peete.  Larry Brown saves the day.  Cowboys win in spite of themselves. Cowboys are a dynasty.  Irvin gets suspended.  Irvin comes back.  Dallas loses to Carolina! Switzer bottoms out.  Switzer gets fired.  Chan Gailey gets us back to the playoffs.  Cowboys lose to Arizona!  Irvin gets hurt.  Philly fan sinks to a new low.  Party like it’s 1999.  Cowboys sneak to the playoffs.  Cowboys lose to Minnesota!  Dave Campo?!?  Cowboys go 5-11.  Aikman retires.  Cowboys go 5-11.  Emmitt breaks the all-time rushing record.  Cowboys go 5-11.  Emmitt leaves for Arizona.  Campo just leaves.  The Tuna moves to Dallas.  Quincy Carter is our QB.  Troy Hambrick is no Emmitt Smith.  We make the playoffs.  We lose again.  Vinnie Testaverde is our QB.  Drew Henson is our QB.  Drew Bledsoe is our QB.  The Player signs.  Drew Bledsoe is no longer our QB.  Some guy named Tony Romo is killing it.  Some guy named Martin Grammatica can’t block.  Cowboys lose to Seattle.  Thanks for the memories Tuna (and drafting D Ware).  We hire a great guy – Wade Phillips.  Jessica Simpson is Romo’s biggest fan.  No one is a fan of Jessica Simpson.  Cowboys lose to New York.  “That’s my Quarterback.”  Hard Knocks come to town.  Hello, welcome to Camp Cupcake!  Is that the way to run a camp, Wade?  No it isn’t.  Slow motion train wreck coming.  We miss playoffs.  Somehow we make playoffs.  Somehow we win a playoff game, in 16-odd years.  Wade starts the year 1-6. Wade gets embarrassed on Sunday Night against Packers.  Wade has absolutely no idea how bad the loss is.  Wade is a bum!  Wade gets fired before his Monday morning meeting.  Hello Jason Garrett.  Hello 8-8-ville.  Cowboys lose in week 17 to New York.  Cowboys go 8-8 (and miss the playoffs).  Cowboys lose in week 17 to Washington.  Cowboys go 8-8 (and miss the playoffs).  Cowboys lose in week 17 to Philadelphia.  Cowboys go 8-8 (and miss the playoffs).  Cowboys have new triplets.  Cowboys go 12-4.  Dez caught it.  Cowboys lose in Green Bay.  Cowboys don’t have new triplets.  Cowboys go 4-12.  Over two years Cowboys average 8-8.  Cowboys draft Zeke.  Cowboys draft Dak.  And that along with getting married and having three kids is a little insight into my story and how we got here..